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Training & Assessment Center

Training & Assessment Center

RWS Training & Assessment Center

RWS is proud to announce the opening of their Training & Assessment Center at 5800 Wade Rd. Baytown, TX. RWS has earned the designation from NCCER as an Endorsed Accredited Training Sponsor for Rigging, Signal Person and Mobile Crane Operator, as well as an Accredited Assessment Center. RWS also offers Forklift Truck Training covering warehouse forklifts (6k), Telescopic All Terrain (8K) and Heavy Duty (15K+) all in one class. Forklift classes include inspection criteria, safe operation procedures and hands-on training. 

Registration Form

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We are offering training classes for the following:
  • NCCER Basic Rigger (1 Day)
  • NCCER Intermediate Rigger (2 Days)
  • NCCER Advanced Rigger (4 Days)
  • NCCER Signal Person (1 Day)
  • NCCER Mobile Crane Operator (2 Days)
  • RWS Forklift Training (1 Day)
  • First Aid + CPR (1 Day)

RWS is here to serve you.
We will schedule classes as you need them, days, nights, or weekends.

Classes Forming Now:

Computer Assessments (all crafts)
Available Monday through Friday and require 48 hour notice. 

Practical Exams (Rigging, Signal Person, Mobile Crane Operator) 
Must be schedule in advance. Crane practice time is available, call for scheduling and pricing. Rigging training classes are all-inclusive (classroom, study materials, computer assessment and practical exam)

Test-out options available, call for details.
Contact David Buckaloo @ (281) 541-3645, or your Sales Representative

Class Codes & Costs

 Course Code Cost
Basic Rigger Prep - Course Package (1-Day, all inclusive) TA-1 $644.00
Computer Test Only TA-2 $120.00
Practical Only TA-3 $155.00
Study Guide Only TA-4 $69 each
Intermediate Rigger Prep - Course Package (2-Day, all inclusive) TA-5 $714.00
Computer Test Only TA-6 $120.00
Practical Only TA-7 $155.00
Study Guide Only TA-8 $69 each
Advanced Rigger Prep - Course Package (4-Day, all inclusive) TA-9 $864.00
Computer Test Only TA-10 $120.00
Practical Only TA-11 $205.00
Study Guide Only TA-12 $69 each
Signal Person Prep - Course Package (1/2-Day, all inclusive) TA-13 $639.00
Computer Test Only TA-14 $180.00
Practical Only TA-15 $240.00
Study Guide TA-16 $65 each
Telescopic Boom Crane Operator - Course Package (2-Day, all inclusive) TA-17 $1,730.00
Computer Test Only TA-18 $180.00
Practical Only TA-19 $240.00
Study Guide Only (Lv. 1) TA-20 $89 each
Study Guide Only (Lv. 2 & 3) TA-21 $129.00
Forklift Certification - Course Package (1-Day, all inclusive) TA-22 $250.00
First Aid + CPR - Package (1-Day) TA-23 $75.00
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